La Verandilla Residences - AMENITIES

Although the La Verandilla Residences is located in a rather small patch of land (which is to be expected considering the price of land in Quezon City these days), Metrostar made efficient use of the available space. Not only are there enough model home units inside the compound, Metrostar even managed to place a couple of amenities that will make the residents quite happy.

Regarding security, a tall, concrete wall surrounds the entire compound so there is no need to worry about unauthorized access from outsiders. The only way in or out of the community is through the main gate, situated along Congressional Avenue. This gate is manned by at least one security personnel at all times. To ensure that no one gets in unnoticed, a CCTV camera is constantly watching the main gate. The security guards also regularly patrol the area, and are constantly on the lookout for anything strange.

Even though La Verandilla is in the middle of Quezon City, the developer made sure that there are still touches of nature in the community; a nice splash of green that will give life to an otherwise drab, concrete gray environment. For instance, you will find trees lining the roads crossing through the compound. In addition, all of the house units have enough space for gardens, and they also come with vertical gardens to add even more vegetation to the community.

Although La Verandilla does not have a clubhouse like most other communities, there is a village patio where the residents can hang out and watch as their children play with the other kids in the neighborhood. There is also a full basketball court for when you want to work up a sweat and have some fun while you are at it. Also, you can find an ample-sized community pool where you and your family can go to if you want to escape the heat.

There is also no need for you to worry about essential utilities while you live in La Verandilla Residences. The power, cable, phone, internet, and water lines are all embedded under the streets, preventing the need to think about unsightly wires and cables hanging overhead. The community also has its own centralized, sanitary waste disposal system. The residents just need to bring their garbage to the community waste disposal container and the village managers will take care of the rest.

Within La Verandilla is a water tank with a deep-well pump that supplies the entire compound with an ample water supply at a constant pressure. For your drinking water needs, you only need to contact one of the many purified water suppliers just outside of the village, and have them deliver gallons of pure drinking water right to your doorstep.

Admittedly, the amenities within La Verandilla Residences are a bit sparse, but if you take into consideration the fact that you only need to walk a couple of minutes outside the main gate of the compound to find everything else that you might need, it seems like a good tradeoff.

  • Perimeter wall
  • Main entrance gate with guardhouse
  • Concrete road network
  • Underground electrical supply system 
  • Quality and reliable water supply
  • Flood free community
  • Landscaped area
  • Drainage /sewage facilities
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